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Using Hamachi Self-Diagnosis to Detect Problems

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The built-in Hamachi Self-Diagnosis feature helps resolve connectivity, installation and system driver problems with your Hamachi client or a specific peer.

Note: When the Hamachi service is not running and you attempt to launch the Hamachi client, Hamachi Self-Diagnosis is started automatically.

Troubleshooting your Hamachi client

  1. Launch the Hamachi client.
  2. Go to Help > Diagnostic Tool. The Hamachi Self-Diagnosis window is displayed.
  3. Click Start and wait for the tests to finish.

    Test results are displayed.

Troubleshooting a specific peer

  1. Launch the Hamachi client.
  2. Right-click the peer you want to diagnose, and select Diagnose.
    Note: The test is run automatically.
  3. Wait for the tests to finish.

    Test results are displayed.

What can I do when problems are detected?

Note: The Hamachi Self-Diagnosis is not intended to resolve issues automatically.

Once all tests are run, follow the steps below from the results window.

  1. Click Details to see further information on a detected issue.
  2. To take action, see our troubleshooting pages for fixes to common problems. If the issue persists, go to step 3.
  3. Click Summary to see an aggregated report on all test results.
  4. Click Save as... to save the summary report. Send the report to LogMeIn product support.
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