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How to Join an Existing Network

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This procedure must be executed on the client.

Depending on the settings of the individual Hamachi networks, the owner of the network may have to approve your request before you can join.

On Windows and Mac

  1. Select Network > Join an existing network.
  2. Type the network ID and password of the network.
  3. Click Join.

Where do I find my network ID?

If you created a network on the client, your network ID and network name are the same. You find your network ID by hovering the mouse over the network's name.

If you created a network on the web, you find your nine-digit network ID by clicking Edit next to the network's name.

On Linux

  1. Open the terminal.
  2. Execute the following command:
    sudo hamachi join <network ID>

Where do I find my network ID?

See the following article for details: Hamachi for Linux Fundamentals.

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