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How to Change Peer Connection Settings

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Use the Peer connections settings to set up how network members connect to your client. These connection parameters can only be modified for clients running in full mode.

This procedure must be executed on the client.

  1. On the Settings tab, click the Advanced settings link at the bottom of the page to view the advanced settings and select from the following options. You can find these options in the Peer Connections section.
    AuthenticationSelect the authentication method of peers.
    IP protocol modeSelect the type of Internet protocol that you want to use to communicate with other peers. You have the following options:
    • IPv6 only
    • IPv4 only
    • Both (default)

    The following limitations are applied when using IPv6 only mode:

    • Windows XP does not support IPv6 by default. If you select the IPv6 only or Both option, you will be asked to install and enable the IPv6 functionality in Windows.
    • Clients can only establish a Hamachi tunnel to ping or browse a peer if both clients allow the use of the same IP protocol mode. For example, if client A uses IPv6 only mode then client B must use either Both or IPv6 only protocol mode to communicate. This limitation does not effect chat and instant messaging.
    • IPv6-enabled Mac clients can only browse in AFP mode.
    EncryptionChoose this option to provide extra protection against sniffing. For business use, we highly suggest using encryption. Use of this option may cause minimal extra CPU load for both sender and receiver. This option is only available for clients running in full mode.
    CompressionChoose this option to speed up large data transfers. Compression is particularly useful on low bandwidth connections. This option is only available for clients running in full mode.
    Traffic filteringChoose this option to block incoming traffic from peers. You can block untrusted, not secured, all, and no traffic.
    Local UDP addressDefine an optional UDP address that you want to use for connection to other peers.
    Local TCP addressDefine an optional TCP address that you want to use for connection to other peers.
    Enable mDNS name resolutionChoose this option to enable multicast DNS support that can resolve IP conflicts.
    Enable LLMNR name resolutionChoose this option to enable Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR) that provides an additional method to resolve the names of computers on a network without a DNS server.
  2. Click OK or Apply to save your settings.
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