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How to Attach an Unattached Client to a LogMeIn Account

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An existing Hamachi client running in Client-only mode can be attached to a LogMeIn account at any time.

On Windows

  1. On the Hamachi client under the System menu, select  Attach to LogMeIn account. The Attach to LogMeIn Account dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter the LogMeIn Account ID (email address) of the LogMeIn account to which you want to attach the client.
  3. Select Attach networks to attach your existing networks to the selected LogMeIn Account.
  4. Click Attach. Your relationship with the selected LogMeIn account will show as Pending.

The Account Holder or administrator will see the attachment request on the Join Requests page for the specified LogMeIn account. The Account Holder or administrator must approve or deny the request.

All networks that were created on the unattached client are also manageable from your LogMeIn account if they are attached to the account.
Tip: Another option is to send an installation link to a user with an unattached client. The user will click the link to reinstall the Hamachi client as an attached member of your account.
Important: You cannot attach a network to a web account that was created on an attached client. You must delete the client from the web account first and then reattach it to add all networks that were created on the client.

On Linux

Before you can connect to a network, you must attach the client to your LogMeIn account.

  1. Execute sudo hamachi login to log in.
  2. Execute sudo hamachi attach [email@example.com] using your LogMeIn ID (email address) to attach your client.
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