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List of Custom Variables

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Use variables to define custom commands and set the format of peers' names as they appear on the client.

Variable Description
$ID Peer ID
$NICK Peer name
$PING Peer ping time
$RX Number of bytes received*
$RX_LOSS Number of inbound packets lost*
$RX_SPEED Reception speed*
$TX Number of bytes transmitted*
$TX_LOSS Number of outbound packets lost*
$TX_SPEED Transmit speed*
$VIP Tunneled IP on the Hamachi network (both IPv4 and IPv6)
$VIP4 Tunneled IP on the Hamachi network (IPv4 only)
$VIP6 Tunneled IP on the Hamachi network (IPv6 only)
$IPALIAS Peer IP aliases
$IP Peer IPv4 address

* The value is also shown in the Peer Properties dialog. Right-click a client and select Details to display.

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