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What do the Different Color Indicators Mean in LogMeIn Hamachi?

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A circle in front of each peer on your Hamachi list is a status indicator.

Note: This functionality is not available on Linux.

The color of this indicator reflects the status of the connection between you and a peer.

Color Description
grey The peer is offline.
blinking green The client is trying to establish connection to the peer.
solid green There is a direct link between the client and the peer.
blue There is a relay tunnel between the client and the peer. You may have to set a static TCP or UDP port for Hamachi to use. This is generally necessary when you have a computer behind a router or NAT device and its support of NAT is poor. In this case, you should set up a static port forward on the router/NAT, and then fix a static port in Hamachi. For information about setting up a port forward rule, see www.PortForward.com.
red Traffic is blocked between the client and the peer. Right-click on the peer to find out why communication is blocked.
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