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How to Set a Password Strength Requirement

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A login policy can be applied to all users in a LogMeIn Central account, including the account holder. This helps administrators better secure their Central account by managing password strength and two-factor authentication policies.

Only LogMeIn Central users with Login policy management permission can edit or enforce a login policy.

The policy is valid when logging in to LogMeIn.com, LogMeIn apps for iOS and Android, and the LogMeIn Client desktop app.

  1. In LogMeIn Central, click Users > Login Policy. The Login Policy page is displayed.
  2. Choose a policy for Password strength.
    StandardUse the default password strength setting:
    • At least six characters
    • No other requirements
    Strong Force users to create a robust password meeting the following requirements:
    • Seven characters or more
    • Made of capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers
    • Changed every 90 days
    • Does not match the user's LogMeIn ID
    • Does not match any of the user's four most recent passwords
Upon next login, the policy is applied to all users in the account.
Tip: As a courtesy to your users, you may want to notify them when you apply policy changes. LogMeIn does not automatically notify users of policy changes.
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