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How to Set up a Denial of Service Attack Blocker

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Use the Denial of Service attack blocker as a precaution against unwanted intruders who slow your host machine by continuously requesting the same service.

  1. Access the host preferences:
    • From the host computer, open the LogMeIn Control Panel and follow this path: Options > Preferences > Security
    • From a client device, connect to the host Main Menu and follow this path: Preferences > Security
  2. Under Intrusion control, click Show Details and set the following Denial of Service attack blocker options:
    Active Select this option to activate the attack blocker.
    Number of invalid HTTP requests allowedSpecify the number of HTTP requests to allow before the offending IP address is locked out.
    Reset invalid attempt counter afterAfter the amount of time specified in this box has elapsed, the invalid attempt count of the offending IP address will be reset to zero.
    Keep attacker blocked forAll attempted connections from an offending IP address will be rejected for the amount of time specified in this field.
  3. Click OK or Apply. Your settings are applied immediately to the host.

To allow access from blocked addresses, click Unblock all.

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