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How to Deploy the Client to a Remote Computer

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Follow this procedure to send an installation link that the recipient can use to download and install the Hamachi client. The client will be attached to your LogMeIn account.

Important: You must be logged in to the LogMeIn account to which you want to attach the new Hamachi client.
Note: This functionality is not available on Linux.

All defaults set under Configuration > Client Defaults will be applied to the new client(s).

  1. In LogMeIn Central, switch to Network mode and select the Deployment tab.
  2. Click Add New Link. The Deploy LogMeIn Hamachi to remote computer(s) (Step 1 of 2) page is displayed.
  3. Type a Description that you can use to recognize your installation link.
  4. In the Maximum number of remote installations box type the maximum number of computers that will be able to use the link to install the Hamachi client. For example, you may want to send the link to all users in an entire department.
  5. In the Expiration field you may choose when you want the validity of the link to expire.
  6. Select the Network(s) that you want the client to be able to access.
  7. Click Continue. The Deploy LogMeIn Hamachi to remote computer(s) (Step 2of 2) page is displayed.
  8. Send the link to the recipient(s):
    • Click Copy to place the link onto your clipboard for you to paste into an email or instant messaging service message to send to the user(s)
    • Click Send to open your default email client with the link in the body of the message for you to send to the user(s)
    • Click Test to view the message that will be displayed when the recipient clicks the link
    The link is sent to the recipient.
The recipient must click on the installation link to actually install the client on the chosen computer. Once installation is complete, the client can be used to create and connect to Hamachi networks.
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