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Add Visual and Audio Notifications when Taking Remote Control (Host Preferences)

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Add audible and visual cues to the remote control experience.

Host Preference Packages can only be applied to LogMeIn Windows hosts.

Who can use this feature? The Host Preference Packages feature is available to any Account Holder of a LogMeIn Central Premier or Plus subscription and to users in a Premier or Plus account with the Configuration Management permission.

Host Preference Packages allow you to define and deploy preferences and security settings to Windows hosts in your LogMeIn account.
  1. Create a Host Preference Package, as follows:
    1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
    2. Click Add Package. The New Host Preference Package page is displayed.
    3. Name your new Host Preference Package.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Under Category, select Remote Control.
  3. Under Visible and Audible Notification you have the following options:
    Beep when the remote control session starts or ends Set the host to emit a single beep when a remote control session is initiated or ended.
    Beep continuously during remote control

    Set the host to emit a beeping sound when it is being controlled remotely. Set the interval in the Beep Interval field.

    Beep Interval Enter the time period between notification beeps emitted while a host is being controlled remotely.
    Flash Keyboard Indicator Lights Make the host keyboard Number Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock lights flash in sequence while a host is being controlled remotely.
  4. Continue to add settings to the Host Preference Package. When ready, click Finish and Save.
  5. Assign the Host Preference Package to computers or groups, as follows:
    1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
    2. Click Edit or Click here to assign next to the Host Preference Package you want to assign.
    3. Choose computers and groups using the left and right arrows.
    4. Click Save.
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