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About International Keyboard Mapping During Remote Control

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During remote control between client and host with different regional settings, you may need to adjust keyboard settings to allow for proper data input.

When controlling PC or Mac from a PC, the client-side user will be able to choose one of three keyboard handling options. The setting is stored on the client for each host.

To set the keyboard option during remote control, click Options.

Use host layout Select this option to use the keyboard layout of the host. Characters and combinations entered on the client are read by the host according to their physical position on the keyboard. Client keyboard layout is ignored.
Use client layout Select this option to use the keyboard layout of the client. Characters and combinations are sent to the host exactly as entered on the client-side. Host keyboard layout is ignored.
Use legacy LogMeIn mapping Select this option if you are accustomed to LogMeIn's legacy keyboard mapping and prefer not to change at this time.
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