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Securing Your Account and the Login Process

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Enable settings that help prevent unauthorized access to your LogMeIn account.

LogMeIn users must be authenticated by both the LogMeIn gateway and host computers. An email address and password verification is performed whenever a user logs on to the LogMeIn website or via a LogMeIn app. Users are advised to enable one or more of LogMeIn's extra security features to strengthen this authentication step.

Tip: Want to know more about security? Read more about securing your LogMeIn remote environment.
  • Account Audit Log
    Use the Audit Log feature to access detailed account activity information.
  • Account Audit Notifications
    Use the Account Audit feature to keep track of activity in your LogMeIn account.
  • How to Set a Password Strength Requirement
    A login policy can be applied to all users in a LogMeIn Central account, including the account holder. This helps administrators better secure their Central account by managing password strength and two-factor authentication policies.
  • Two-Step Verification
    Two-step verification adds a second layer of protection to your account.
  • Trusted Devices
    Save time when logging in to your LogMeIn account by skipping password entry and/or two-factor authentication on devices you trust.
  • Additional Security Options
    Configure how you log in, receive notifications of security events and more.
  • One-time Emailed Security Codes
    When you enable Emailed Security Code for your LogMeIn account, each time you log in you are sent an email containing a security code that you must enter to access your account.
  • Printed Security Codes
    When you enable the Printed Security Code feature for your LogMeIn account, LogMeIn generates a list of one-time security codes that you must enter in order to access your account.
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