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Using Default Charts

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The LogMeIn Central Chart Dashboard and Alert Dashboard offer default charts to get you started using the charting feature. Customize and save the default charts, or keep them as they are for easy reference.

Remember: A Premier subscription is required to use this feature.

Restoring Default Charts and Alerts

  • To restore default charts, go to Configuration > Reports > Restore Default Charts.
  • To restore default alerts, go to Configuration > Reports > Restore Alert Dashboard.

Default Reporting Charts

Access Info tab
  • Account Logins
  • Remote Access Sessions
  • Total Computer Usage by Day
User Info tab
  • Total User Activity by Day
  • User Summary
  • Most Active Users
  • Account Audit
Computers tab
  • Active Subscription Summary
  • Most Active Computers
  • Upcoming Subscription Renewals
Management tab
  • Low Disk Space (% Free)
  • Top 10 Installed Applications
  • Top Alerts in Last Week
  • Installed Operating Systems
  • Unused seats

Default Alerts

  • Top Alerts (by Computer)
  • CPU Alerts
  • Disk Space Alerts
  • Computer Online/Offline Alerts
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