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What are alerts? How can I set them up?

In LogMeIn Central, you can set up alerts that notify you when specific events occur on one or multiple Host computers.  You can define several alerts and deploy them separately to specific computers or groups of computers.

You can set up a selection of your own customized alerts for different groups of Host computers. This is a two-step process that involves setting up Alert Packages and then Assigning the Alert Packages to your groups and/or computers. The alerts will be deployed to the computers in the Alert Group

You will be notified when computers meet alert criteria (by email and/or visually on the Home page).  

Use the Alert Viewer page to view and manage computers with triggered alerts. 

To create an Alert Package:

The first step in the Alert process is to create an Alert Package. An Alert Package is a set of rules that you can save and apply to a computer or group of computers.
  1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the Alerts > Manage Alert Packages > Add Alert Package page. The Add Alert Package page is displayed.
  2. Give your Alert Package a Name.
  3. Add rules to the package.
    1. Click Add New Alert Rule and select the type of rule to add.
    2. Edit the rule to meet your needs.
Continue to add rules as required.
Tip: Click Export to save the Alert Package in an .xml file for later use.
  1. Click Save. The package is saved and ready to be assigned to computers or groups of computers.
Tip: To import a saved Alert Package (.xml), click Import.

To Assign an Alert Package:

Alert Packages must be assigned to computers or groups of computers to take effect.
Important: Only one Alert Package at a time can be assigned to a host.
  1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the Alerts > Manage Alert Packages page. A list of available Alert Packages is displayed.
  2. Click Click here to assign next to the package you want to assign. The assignment page is displayed.
  3. Choose computers and groups using the left and right arrows.
  4. Click Assign Alert Package to Selected Computers. The Alert Package is applied to all computers and groups in the left pane.
When do the changes take effect? The package is deployed within one minute to any host that is online. For any host that is offline, the package is stored and deployed when the host next comes online.
The alerts will run in the background on the computer even if a computer is offline.  When an alert for an online computer is triggered, you will be notified on the LogMeIn website and by email (optional).  If the computer is offline when an alert is triggered, the alert will be sent when the computer is next online.

You can deploy specific alerts to any number of groups that contain any number of computers.  On the Manage Alert Packages page, you can delete an Alert Package by simply clicking the box next to the package name and clicking the Delete Selected button.

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