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LogMeIn Central Release Note for August 27, 2014

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Release Date8/27/2014

New Feature: Autotask Integration

Connect your Autotask account to LogMeIn Central to generate Autotask tickets from Central alerts.

What you can achieve

  • Generate tickets automatically when alerts are triggered
  • Diagnose and fix remote computers directly from Autotask
  • Configure ticket parameters that map to Autotask fields, such as Account, Priority, Queue, Ticket Type and Work Type
  • Initiate a secure remote control session from Autotask tickets
  • Automatically update tickets in Autotask when the following alert-related events occur: Return to Normal, Self-healing Task Started and Acknowledgement
  • Acknowledge alerts in Central when you close a ticket in Autotask

How it works

  • Link your Autotask account with Central under Configuration > Ticketing.
  • Tell Central when to generate Autotask tickets. This is done using the Alerts feature under Alerts > Manage Alert Packages > Edit Alert Package.
ProductLogMeIn Central

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