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Why doesn't LogMeIn Backup computer show in the console or it is grayed out?

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I don't see one of my Backup computers in the Console, why?

LogMeIn Backup will only display Storage Computers in the Backup Console.  So if the computer you are trying to display has its Storage PC Service turned off, it will no longer display in the console.  If this computer is supposed to be a Storage Computer, follow these steps to turn on the Storage PC Service.  (These steps must be followed from the Computer in question, and can be performed by remotely accessing the Computer.)

 Open the Backup Console through either the following methods

  • Right-Click on the LogMeIn Backup icon in the system tray, located by the clock on the computer, and choose Launch Backup Console
  • Go to Start > Programs, and click on LogMeIn Backup

Choose Preferences on the left-hand menu, and tick the option labeled "Enable this computer as a Storage PC to store Backup Sets", then choose Save Settings.

This option is enabled already, but the Computer is showing as Offline.

More than likely the problem is that the Backup Services are stuck.  Please try the following options.  (These steps must be followed from the Computer in question, and can be performed by remotely accessing the Computer.)

  • Restart the computer that does not appear. Open the LogMeIn Backup console.
  • Right click on the LogMeIn Backup System tray Icon and select Disable This Storage PC and click Shut down Storage PC Service. Next right click on the LogMeIn System tray Icon again and select Enable this Storage PC. Open the console.
  • If the two steps above do not resolve the problem than a manual restart of the Windows LogMeIn Backup Services will be necessary. First right click on the My Computer icon and select Manage. Then select Services and Applications. Click Services at the next screen. This will open the Windows Services screen. There are three LogMeIn Backup services. Highlight each one and select Restart. Then close this window and open the LogMeIn Backup console.
  • If you have a local firewall\Anti-spyware software on the computer, it may be blocking the LogMeIn Backup Internet connection. Please configure your security software to allow LogMeIn Backup. LogMeIn Backup.exe, BackupSystray.exe , and LogMeInBackupService.exe should be Permitted. Also, allow the following BackupMaint.exe and Lmibackupvssservice.exe . Port 443 UDP\TCP should be Permitted also. Finally, the IP Address of should be allowed.
  • If you have tried each of these steps try uninstalling LogMeIn Backup through the Add\Remove Programs screen. Then install LogMeIn Backup again.
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