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Why are some files missing from my Backup transfer?

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If LogMeIn Backup is unable to copy files please go to the source computer. Open the Backup History  and confirm the files cannot be accessed. The error message will be displayed to the right of the file.

Sometimes the issue can be caused by a Windows Volume Shadow Copying error or a LogMeIn Backup Shadow Copying error. The Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) is a service used to copy files that are in use. For trouble shooting this service, additional logs can be found under the Backup program files folder. This is usually c:\program files\LogMeIn Backup. This folder contains VSS log files for our software that have (VSS) in the name of the log file. These files should be sent to LogMeIn Customer Support for analysis.

In addition, the Windows Event Viewer can be checked for events pertaining to the VSS service. If you see this error: "Volume shadow copy service error, the Windows VSS service cannot find different areas for creating shadow copies of the file", please add at least one NTFS drive to the system with enough free space. The free space needed is at least 100Mb for each volume to be backed up. The VSS service needs at least one NTFS volume on the computer in order to temporarily save the file images that will be backed up. More information about Windows Volume Copying service can be found in this forum post: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-191814.php

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