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Why are my backup sets missing from my Backup Console?

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If your Storage PC’s Backup Console is missing some (or all) of your backup sets, it can usually be traced back to one of the following:
  • The Backup services may not be responding.  This would require a system restart.
  • The storage location may not be accessible, either due to a hardware problem or permissions change.
  • One of the proprietary Backup Set definition files may have been corrupted.
The first two points can be remedied easily enough.  Reboot the system, and check the storage location to ensure that the drive is accessible, and there haven’t been any changes made to the folder permissions.  If you have done this, and the problem persists, there is most likely a corrupted Backup Set file.  The instructions below will step you through fixing the damaged files.

1.    Go into Windows Services by going to Control Panel, and then Administrative Tools > Services, (or you can go to Start > Run > and type in services.msc). When the services window opens, look for three LogMeIn Backup services, and stop them:
  • LogMeIn Backup Maintenance Service
  • LogMeIn Backup Storage PC Service
  • LogMeIn Backup VSS Service
2.    Open a command prompt by going to Start > Run… and typing cmd
3.    Type cd %Programfiles%\LogMeIn Backup, and hit enter. (If, after you hit enter, it does change the folder, type c: and hit enter, then try again)
4.    Type logmeinbackupservice.exe -recoverbackupset 0 (with a dash before recoverbackupset). This will repair the Backup.xml file with ALL the Backups Sets listed within the current Storage Location.
5.    Go into Windows Services again by going to Start > Run > and type in Services.msc. When the screen opens, locate the three LogMeIn Backup services, and start each of them.
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