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Whitelisting and LogMeIn

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We suggest you allow the LogMeIn URLs listed below to ensure that LogMeIn services are able to connect.

Important: For information about SaaS products offered by GetGo, Inc., a subsidiary of LogMeIn, Inc., visit this page.

Recommended URLs

  • *.logmein.com, *.logmein.eu –  LogMeIn's main site
  • *.logmeinusercontent.com and *.browse.logmeinusercontent.com –  For files stored and shared using the LogMeIn Pro Files feature
  • *.logmeinrescue.com, *.logmeinrescue.eu – Powers the LogMeIn Rescue service
  • *.logmeinrescue-enterprise.com – Powers account-specific Rescue features (should only be whitelisted by enterprise accounts)
  • *.accounts.logme.in – Site allowing login to LogMeIn services
  • *.hamachi.cc – Powers the LogMeIn Hamachi service
  • *.internapcdn.net – Powers updates to multiple LogMeIn products.
  • *.LogMeIn123.com, *.LogMeIn123.eu – Site used to connect to a LogMeIn Rescue technician
  • *.123rescue.com – Site used to connect to a LogMeIn Rescue technician
  • *.support.me – Site used to connect to a LogMeIn Rescue technician
  • *.join.me – LogMeIn's screen sharing service
  • *.cub.by  Redirects back to Cubby services
  • *.cubby.com and *.cubbyusercontent.com – LogMeIn's cloud storage and syncing service
  • *.xively.com   IoT platform and application solution that simplifies building and running a connected business.
  • *.boldchat.com – LogMeIn's service for adding chat to websites
  • *.logmeininc.com   LogMeIn's corporate website
  • *.meldium.com  LogMeIn's team password management offering 
  • *.lastpass.com*.lastpass.eu  LogMeIn's leading password management solution for personal and enterprise use
Please note that this also includes sub-domains for these domains, so it is advisable to use wildcard rules wherever possible when you whitelist or block any LogMeIn service on your network.  The client-to-host connection uses peer-to-peer connections, encrypted within a 256-bit AES tunnel. The services themselves communicate using port 443 (HTTPS/SSL), so no additional ports need to be opened within a firewall. 

IP Ranges

We do not recommend explicit IP whitelisting of LogMeIn ranges. If URL whitelisting is not feasible, refer to the list of LogMeIn IP addresses.

LogMeIn IP Ranges

CIDR NotationNumeric IP RangeNetmask Notation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Third-party IP Ranges

You must also whitelist ranges for these third-party services:

Email Domains

For email invitations and correspondences from us and the LogMeIn software, we recommend allowing the following email domains through your email's spam and white list filters.
  • @e.join.me
  • @t.join.me
  • @e.logmein.com
  • @t.logmein.com
  • @e.lastpass.com
  • @t.lastpass.com
ProductLogMeIn Rescue; LogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Pro; LogMeIn Backup; LogMeIn Hamachi; Cubby; join.me; RemotelyAnywhere

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