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Whitelisting and LogMeIn

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We suggest you allow the LogMeIn URLs listed below to ensure that LogMeIn services are able to connect.

Recommended URLs

  • *.logmein.com, *.logmein.eu –  LogMeIn's main site
  • *.logmeinusercontent.com and *.browse.logmeinusercontent.com –  For files stored and shared using the LogMeIn Pro Files feature
  • *.logmeinrescue.com, *.logmeinrescue.eu – Powers the LogMeIn Rescue service
  • *.logmeinrescue-enterprise.com – Powers account-specific Rescue features (should only be whitelisted by enterprise accounts)
  • *.accounts.logme.in – Site allowing login to LogMeIn services
  • *.hamachi.cc – Powers the LogMeIn Hamachi service
  • *.internapcdn.net – Powers updates to multiple LogMeIn products.
  • *.LogMeIn123.com, *.LogMeIn123.eu – Site used to connect to a LogMeIn Rescue technician
  • *.123rescue.com – Site used to connect to a LogMeIn Rescue technician
  • *.support.me – Site used to connect to a LogMeIn Rescue technician
  • *.join.me – LogMeIn's screen sharing service
  • *.cub.by  Redirects back to Cubby services
  • *.cubby.com and *.cubbyusercontent.com – LogMeIn's cloud storage and syncing service
  • *.xively.com   IoT platform and application solution that simplifies building and running a connected business.
  • *.boldchat.com – LogMeIn's service for adding chat to websites
  • *.logmeininc.com   LogMeIn's corporate website
  • *.meldium.com  LogMeIn's team password management offering 
  • *.lastpass.com*.lastpass.eu  LogMeIn's leading password management solution for personal and enterprise use
Please note that this also includes sub-domains for these domains, so it is advisable to use wildcard rules wherever possible when you whitelist or block any LogMeIn service on your network. ​The client-to-host connection uses peer-to-peer connections, encrypted within a 256-bit AES tunnel. The services themselves communicate using port 443 (HTTPS/SSL), so no additional ports need to be opened within a firewall. 

IP ranges

We do not recommend explicit IP whitelisting. If URL whitelisting is not feasible, refer to this list of IP addresses:
CIDR NotationNumeric IP RangeNetmask Notation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Email domains

For email invitations and correspondences from us and the LogMeIn software, we recommend allowing the following email domains through your email's spam and white list filters.
  • @e.join.me
  • @t.join.me
  • @e.logmein.com
  • @t.logmein.com
  • @e.lastpass.com
  • @t.lastpass.com
ProductLogMeIn Rescue; LogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Pro; LogMeIn Backup; LogMeIn Hamachi; Cubby; join.me; RemotelyAnywhere

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