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What are the advanced deployment options for LogMeIn Pro, Hamachi, and Backup?

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MSI based, manual install

LogMeIn, by default, uses MSI pack to install itself. Our MSI pack is compressed and created via Windows Installer 2.0, which is therefore needed on all systems. The host computer where LogMeIn is to be installed needs to be password protected for maximum safety; blank passwords are not allowed.

The install requires no system reboot, but the account information will be required to register the new machine.  Either from the Master Account Holder (MAH) or Master Administrator login (with deployment rights).

The standard installation requires engineers to physically install the agent on the computers.  This can be the ultimate workaround, if a chosen computer cannot be part of a mass installation.

Integration into Image-type rollout

LogMeIn needs to identify each computer separately.  A fully installed, registered LogMeIn copy cannot be included in an image because the computers would all be the same, and would replace each other.  In such usage, we recommend placing a "blank", unregistered LogMeIn into the image, with pre-configured script that runs at the first boot when the image is started at its final location.   This will separate all computers.

If you need more information, please let us know with specific information what kind of image model you are using.

Integration into Software Distribution systems (MSI mode)

It is possible to include the LogMeIn MSI into Active Directory using login script-based software distribution systems.

The MSI supports the /q command for silent install, and can be executed via administrator user profile, even at system startup.  The MSI needs Windows Installer 2.0 or newer, and usually works with the following code, public properties:

%systemdirectory%\system32\msiexec.exe /q /i [path]/logmein.msi DEPLOYID=[deployID]

The Deploy ID can be obtained via a Deploy Link.  This value tells the new installation which account, and other properties the new installation should use upon registering itself.

Example Deploy link (Deploy ID is bold):

ProductLogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Backup; LogMeIn Hamachi

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