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How do I restore Backup data after reinstalling my Backup source computer?

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If your LogMeIn Backup Source computer has crashed and you have to reload the LogMeIn Backup software, use these steps to restore your data to your new source computer:

  1. Install LogMeIn Backup on the new source computer. If the old source computer is listed at LogMeIn.com, click Properties (gear icon) and then Delete this computer.
  2. On your storage computer open the LogMeIn Backup console and take note of the names of backup sets from the old source computer.
  3. On the left, click on the Preferences option.
  4. Choose the Access Rights option.
  5. Near the bottom of this screen is a section that says "Reassign Sets to Another Source PC".
  6. Click the drop down box for "Select Old Source PC" and choose the name of the source computer that is being replaced (It will be in gray lettering).
  7. Next on the right box for "Select New Source PC" choose the name of the new source computer. Then click the Reassign button.
  8. Launch the LogMeIn Backup console on the new source computer and under the storage computer should be the backup sets that were created from the old source computer. You can run backups or perform restores with these backup sets.
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