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How do I create a backup set?

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First, verify that you have installed LogMeIn Backup on both the source and the storage computers. Next, verify that both computers are visible in your LogMeIn account under the Backup product. To create a Backup Set you must be sitting at the Source Computer.

1.  Open up the LogMeIn Backup Console by double clicking the systray icon.  When the program opens, you will see at least two computers in the middle of the screen.

2.  Click a computer and click New Backup Set on the upper left of the window.  This will bring up a wizard that will walk you through creating a new Backup Set. The Backup Set will appear under the computer that you selected as the Storage computer during the Create New Backup Set Wizard.

3.  Click the plus sign if you cannot see the Backup Set. If you want to modify the existing Backup Set, double click on the Backup Set Icon to open the wizard.

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