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How do I conduct a restore in LogMeIn Backup?

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You can restore data to either the source computer or the storage computer.  To conduct a restore please follow these steps:
  1. Open the Backup console at the source or storage computer and select the backup set so it is highlighted.
  2. Then choose Restore Data on the left.
  3. By default, the latest version of the backup set is shown.  You can select an earlier restore version from the Select the version to restore drop-down box.
  4. Pick the files you would like to restore and click Next.
  5. Choose to restore the files to their original location or to another folder.
  6. Click the Restore button.

If you want to restore only select files in the backup set, then clear the check boxes of those files you do not want to restore.

When you clear the check box for a folder or disk, all files and sub folders underneath that folder are also unchecked.  This is useful if you want to restore only one file from a backup set.

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