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How can I manually move or copy a backup set to a new storage computer?

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LogMeIn Backup has a built in feature that allows you to manually move both a new backup set to the storage computer and an existing backup set from one storage computer to another storage computer.

This feature is very useful when backing up a large amount of data on your initial backup.  Below is the instructions to properly utilize this feature when creating a new backup set.  Please make sure the LogMeIn Backup software is at least version 2.02.622 or newer.

Initial Set

  1. In the Backup console on the source computer, select the storage computer where the backup set will ultimately reside, and click New Backup Set.
  2. Select the files within the set, name the backup set, and choose the final storage computer as the destination computer. Then schedule the backup set to run when you would like it to.
  3. Upon reaching the final page, you will be prompted with 3 options.  Select the Save and Export option.
  4. Specify where you want the file to be saved, we recommend choosing an external hard drive, and click Finish.  If you are using a hard drive, please extend the spanning number to the size of your external drive.  A rough estimate is fine.  Wait for the computer to finish the export.
  5. Once complete, bring the hard drive (or whatever you used to store the file) to the final storage machine.
  6. At the storage computer, select Import, and navigate to the saved LMIB file on your storage device.
  7. Backup will unpack the set into the storage folder, and the set will appear in the Backup Console list.  When the backup set runs again, it will only backup the files that have changed.

Move an existing set

If you want to move an existing Backup set from one storage computer to another please verify both storage computers are on version 2.02.622 or newer, then follow these steps.

  1. Visit the current storage computer and open the Backup Console.
  2. Select the backup set you want to move and then select the Export option.
  3. Choose the new storage computer and save the backup set to a portable hard drive or other media.
  4. At the new storage machine, select Import, and navigate to the saved file.
  5. Backup will then store the set in the storage folder, and the set will appear in the Backup Console list on the new storage computer.

Why do I receive a message that says Unable to Access Drive?

This error normally occurs because of user permissions to certain mapped drives.  Try configuring LogMeIn Backup on the source computer to run as a Windows Account with access to the mapped drives.  You can do this by performing the following:
  1. Launch LogMeIn Backup on the source computer and choose User Settings.
  2. Next choose the Scheduled Backups option.
  3. Then choose the Run Scheduled Backups on behalf of: and enter in a Windows Account that has access to the mapped drives.
  4. Finally, choose Save Settings.
Once done, please edit the backup set, and go to the Schedule tab.  You do not need to change anything here, just go to the tab, and choose Save Settings.  This will apply the new login information to the existing set.

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