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How to Create a Host Preference Package

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Use Host Preference Packages to define and deploy LogMeIn host preferences and security settings to any group of Windows hosts in an account.

Who can use this feature? The Host Preference Packages feature is available to any Account Holder of a LogMeIn Central Premier or Plus subscription and to users in a Premier or Plus account with the Configuration Management permission.

  1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
  2. Click the Add Package button. The New Host Preference Package page is displayed.
  3. Name your new Host Preference Package.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Choose the settings to include in the package:
    1. Choose a preference Category. See Deployable Host Preferences for Remote Control for details.
    2. Make the appropriate changes to the settings.
    3. Click Save.

    Continue to add categories as required.

    Tip: You can make the LogMeIn Client inaccessible from the Start Menu, desktop, system tray and the Connect to computers LogMeIn Host context menu.
    1. Choose the Appearance category.
    2. Select Show LogMeIn Client on computer under LogMeIn Client Settings.
    The option to connect to a remote computer becomes hidden when the package is applied to a host:
    • Upon installation when the package is assigned to a deployment link
    • Any time after installation when the package is sent to a host
  6. When you have finished adding preference categories, click Finish and Save All.
The package is added to the list of available Host Preference Packages that are ready to be assigned.
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