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Controlling Who can Access your Host Computers (User Access Control)

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What happens if a user without proper permission attempts to connect?

An attempt to log in without proper User Access Control permissions may result in error 4320 ("Operator or Administrator has refused the request").

How does this relate to my LogMeIn account?

User Access Controls apply to a Windows or Mac account, not a LogMeIn account. A LogMeIn user may be able to see a computer listed in his LogMeIn account, but still may not have permission at the operating system level to actually access the host.

An Example

User Access Controls give you extra control over the actions members of your organization can take on specific host computers.
  • Assume you have a server called "Server One"
  • "Server One" is accessible through your LogMeIn Central account
  • "Technician1" and "Technician2" are Users of your LogMeIn Central account.
  • "Server One" has three Windows user accounts: (1) Administrator (2) Technician1 and (3) Technician2
  • "Technician1" and "Technician2" are set as Standard or Restricted Users of "Server One"
  • You, as an Administrator, log in to LogMeIn Central and access "Server One"; you authenticate to "Server One" using your Administrator Windows credentials
  • "Technician1" or "Technician2" will only be able to log on to "Server One" using their "Technician1" or "Technician2" credentials once you, the Administrator, have logged on to "Server One" and set the proper User Access Controls in LogMeIn
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