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Deployable Host Preferences for Controlling Access to Host Computers

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Remember: A Plus or Premier subscription is required to use this feature.
Fastpath: Configuration > Host Preferences > [Individual Host Preference Package] > Category > Access Control

Allow full control to administrators
Give full control to users with an administrator account on the host. Otherwise, you can define rights individually on the host under Preferences > Security > User Access Control. See "How to Specify User Access Rights in LogMeIn" in the LogMeIn User Guide.
Allow login credentials to be saved
Allow LogMeIn users with permission to use automatic authentication to securely save their username and password to the client when connecting to a host. See also How to Set Up Automatic Authentication.
Save user name in a cookie
Allow client-side users to save their Windows username in a browser cookie. As a result, users will only need to enter a password to authenticate when connecting from the same client.
Hide list of domains on the Remote Access login screen
Clear the list of active domains on the host authentication dialog box. This provides an extra layer of security by forcing the client-side user to know the exact name of the chosen domain.
Allow the user to turn off LogMeIn
Allow users to turn off the LogMeIn service via the LogMeIn host interface.
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