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How to Select Files using File Manager

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File Manager from a PC or Mac

File selection options are accessed on the File Manager toolbar. Shortcut keys are available for each option.

Remember: A Plus or Premier subscription is required to use this feature.
Option Icon Shortcut Description
Select files + (on the numeric keypad) Opens a dialog box you can use to select multiple files
Unselect files - (on the numeric keypad) Opens a dialog box you can use to clear selected files
Select all Ctrl+A Selects all files in the current location
Select none Ctrl+- (on the numeric keypad) Clears all selections in the current location
Invert selection * (on the numeric keypad) Change the current selection status to its opposite (any selected item becomes cleared and any unselected items becomes selected)

Example: How can I select or unselect files with the file selector?

The following list provides examples of using the file selector feature of the File Manager:

What to select Syntax in the file selector
Select all files. *
Select all files and folders. \*
Select all .exe files in a directory. *.exe
Select all files and folders, then unselect all .jpg files.
Important: You can only unselect complete directories, not files within directories.
  1. Click Selelct files and then enter \*
  2. Click Unselect files and then enter *.jpg
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