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How to Change Notification Settings

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Follow this procedure to change how LogMeIn Backup will notify you about various backup events.

To set email notifications, see How to Set up Email Notifications.

  1. On the Backup Console Settings menu, select User Settings.

    The User Settings window is displayed.
  2. On the User Settings window, select Messages.

    The Messages tab is displayed.
  3. Select any of the following options:
    Notify if there are no Storage PCs on your accountDisplay a message on service start-up if no PC in your account has been defined as a Storage PC
    Notify if all Storage PCs are offlineDisplay a message on service start-up if no Storage PC in your account is available at the moment the LogMeIn Backup service starts on your PC.
    Notify if only the local Storage PC is availableDisplay a message on service start-up if the only Storage PC available is your own computer.
    Confirm before disabling local Storage PCDisplay a message on service shut-down before a PC’s storage capability is disabled.
    Confirm before changing storage folder and restarting Storage PC serviceDisplay a message on service shut-down if you have changed the location where backup sets are to be stored on a Storage PC.
    Notify that scheduled backups will continue to operateDisplay a message when you close the Backup Console explaining that, even though the console is closing, the LogMeIn Backup service will still run and will continue to perform scheduled backups and act as Storage PC (if the Storage PC facility is enabled on your PC).
    Confirm before creating local Backup Sets or exporting to local computerYou will be shown this warning when you select the local computer as storage PC for a new backup or export: This Backup Set will be stored on the same computer as the files it backs up. Should your hard disk fail, both sets of files might be lost.
    Show summary after creation of new Backup Sets You will be shown a summary of the contents and status of every backup set you create.
    Storage incompatibility warningYou will be shown warning messages resulting from version incompatibility (some LogMeIn Backup features may only function if all involved PCs are running an appropriate version of the software).
  4. Click Save Settings.
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