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How to Set up Email Notifications

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Follow this procedure to define who will receive automatic email when the defined backup events occur.

To ensure that users know if a Backup operation has been successful or not, Backup gives users the option to receive emails after each Backup operation or only following unsuccessful Backups.

This provides added user confidence that a Backup transaction has been successfully accomplished. Users will also be made aware when a transaction has not been successful and will be able to take the appropriate steps.

  1. On the Backup Console Settings menu, select Preferences.

    The Preferences window is displayed.
  2. On the Preferences window, select the Notifications tab.

    The Notifications tab is displayed.
  3. On the Notifications tab, select the following options, as appropriate:
    Send Notification Emails about test results from this computerYou will receive emails about Backup Set test results.
    Send Backup Notification Emails...You will receive emails about backup results.
    Attach log file to email You will receive log files as attachments to Notification Emails.
    Note: Log files will be attached as .txt files or zipped in their entirety and attached as .zip files. If the resulting .zip would still be too large, then Backup will zip and send a filtered excerpt containing the beginning and end of the original log, as well as any error messages. The complete log file will always be stored in the location defined at Preferences > This Storage PC > Store history in.
  4. Specify the email address(es) to which the notifications will be sent. Use a semicolon ( ; ) to separate addresses.
  5. Click Save Settings.
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