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How to Reassign a Backup Set to Another Source PC

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Follow this procedure to ‘impersonate’ a lost Source PC and redirect its original access rights to another Source PC.

Assume you have a Source PC that has created Backup sets in the past on the Storage PC at which an Administrator is currently sitting. By default, only a Source PC can edit, delete or restore the Backup sets it created. If that Source PC crashes or is stolen, it will not be able to perform these operations with its Backup sets.

It is possible for an administrator to ‘impersonate’ a lost Source PC and redirect its original access rights to another Source PC, using the Reassign Sets to Another Source PC feature. Assume that you are temporarily redirecting the rights to work with Backup sets from a ‘lost’ Source PC to another machine – so the lost data can be reassigned from the Storage PC to the new PC.

  1. On the Backup Console Settings menu, select Preferences.

    The Preferences window is displayed.
  2. On the Preferences window, select Access Rights.

    The Access Rights page is displayed.
  3. On the Access Rights page, in the Select Old Source PC drop-down box, select the ‘lost’ Source PC.
  4. In the Select New Source PC drop-down box select the machine to which you want to reassign the lost PC’s Backup sets.
  5. Click Reassign.

    The access rights to the Backup sets will now be reassigned to the ‘new’ Source PC.
  6. Click Save Settings.
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