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How to Export an Existing Backup Set

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  1. On the Storage List, select the Backup Set you want to export to another Storage PC.
  2. On the Backup menu, select Export Backup Set.

    The Export Backup Set dialog box is displayed.
  3. On the Export Backup Set dialog box, perform the following actions:
    • Specify the New Storage PC to which you will export the Backup Set
    • Select the Target Storage Location on the Storage PC (this function is only available if the Storage PC is running LogMeIn Backup version 3)
    • Name the file in the Save as field
    • If the Storage PC is not running version 3 of LogMeIn Backup, use the Save in field to define the location to which the Backup set will be exported.
    • Select Split Backup Set with maximum volume size if you want to transfer the exported set to a device that cannot hold the complete file (for example: a 100GB Backup Set to a 2GB pen drive).
  4. To test the package after export, move the slider to the appropriate position.

    • 1st slide position: Do not run a test.
    • 2nd slide position: Check if the Version Definition is loadable (Version Integrity Check). This ensures that the Version Definition file – the file that contains the catalogue of what was backed up during that specific run time – is indeed readable.
    • 3rd slide position: Check if the data file exists on the Storage PC (Catalogue Integrity Check). This option performs the same check as above, while also comparing the Version Definition to what is currently being held in the Data Folder for the selected Backup Set. This ensures that LogMeIn Backup has stored the files properly and that they are retrievable.
    • 4th slide position: Check if the Data Folder matches the Data Sent (Full Integrity Check). This option performs the two checks above and goes one step further by essentially performing a Mock Restore. Use this option to ensure that the files within the data folder are complete and readable, without actually having to perform a full restore.
  5. If you are running a test, select one of the following options:
    • Select Check latest version of the Backup Set to ensure that the Restore process can be run from this version.
    • Select Check all Versions of the Backup Set to check every version, thus ensuring that the Restore process can be run from any version.
  6. Click OK to export the Backup Set.

    The Set will be saved to the selected location as an export file with the file extension .lmib.

If an error is found during testing, the error will be fixed the next time you back up the Set. The error will not be carried to consecutive versions.

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