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LogMeIn Backup Glossary

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Backup Account

The Backup Account is a single account with LogMeIn containing a number of PCs on which backups can be made.

Backup Console

The Backup Console is the software you use to manage and execute your backups.

Backup Network

All the PCs in one Backup Account make up a Backup Network.

Backup Set

A Backup Set is a collection of files and folders to be backed up as a group. The files in a Backup Set can be backed up manually or according to a Backup Schedule. We use the term both to refer to the group of files and to the definition of the group of files.

Backup Schedule

A predefined schedule assigned to a Backup Set defining when the Backup Set is to be backed up. A Backup Set with no Backup Schedule will only be saved when you explicitly request it.

Manual Backup

A backup that takes place outside a schedule is referred to as a Manual Backup.

Source PC

A Source PC is a computer from which Backup Sets are backed up to a Storage PC. A PC can be both a Source PC and a Storage PC.

Storage Location

A storage location is a folder on the local Storage PC to which Backup Sets from Source PCs can be directed. Use storage locations to manage Backup Sets coming from various source computers.

Storage PC

A Storage PC is a computer in your Backup Account to which Backup Sets can be saved. A PC can be both a Source PC and a Storage PC. By default, every PC added to your account is a Storage PC.
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