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With Local Mode you are able to backup from one drive to another on your local computer even if you lose the connection to the LogMeIn Backup gateway.

Local Mode is a temporary state caused by loss of network connectivity. Other Source PCs will see your computer in the list of available Storage PCs and it will be marked as offline.

If you disable your computer as a Storage PC when Backup is still online (you are logged in to your account and Backup is running), then the computer will be able to run backups to other Storage PCs and run backups locally. Other Source PCs will not be able to access the computer. It will be removed from the list of available Storage PCs.

Note: With version 3, you can perform local backups even if your computer is not enabled as a Storage PC. This helps you prevent other users of computers attached to your LogMeIn Backup account from using your computer as a Storage PC, while still maintaining your ability to do so.

When working in Local Mode, Local Mode appears on the Backup Console interface. After the Internet connection is restored, Backup will return from Local Mode to normal operation.

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