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About Importing and Exporting Backup Sets

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LogMeIn Backup’s Export and Import functionality helps you manually move or copy a Backup Set to a new storage computer.

Export/Import facilitates the transfer of Backup Sets to another source computer and is particularly useful for transferring many Gigabytes of data in a timely manner on the initial backup.

Example: Importing and Exporting a Large Backup Set

A 200GB Backup Set could take many days to backup over the Internet. Instead you can export the Set to an export file (.lmib) that you then save to a pen drive, DVD, or other storage device. You can then physically (that is, not electronically) send or carry the storage device containing the Backup Set to the place where your Storage PC is located. The large Backup Set can then be electronically transferred (imported) to the Storage PC and backed up accordingly.

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