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About File Integrity Testing

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This feature allows you to confirm if the backup process has been performed correctly.

When you run a full File Integrity Test, you are asking LogMeIn Backup to verify that the Backup Set catalog contents match the stored files on the Storage PC. When the test completes successfully, then Backup Set integrity has been verified and the files can be successfully restored on the Source PC.

The test process is similar to the Backup/Restore process: progress is shown in the main window, logs are made to both the server and client side, a detailed log is generated to the backup history, and the test can be cancelled on both sides.

Fastpath: To activate the File Integrity Test, go to New Backup Set/Modify Backup Set > Next (Define Backup Set) > Advanced Backup Set Options.
Use the slides to set the test level.

  • 1st slide position: Do not run a test.
  • 2nd slide position: Check if the Version Definition is loadable (Version Integrity Check). This ensures that the Version Definition file – the file that contains the catalogue of what was backed up during that specific run time – is indeed readable.
  • 3rd slide position: Check if the data file exists on the Storage PC (Catalogue Integrity Check). This option performs the same check as above, while also comparing the Version Definition to what is currently being held in the Data Folder for the selected Backup Set. This ensures that LogMeIn Backup has stored the files properly and that they are retrievable.
  • 4th slide position: Check if the Data Folder matches the Data Sent (Full Integrity Check). This option performs the two checks above and goes one step further by essentially performing a Mock Restore. Use this option to ensure that the files within the data folder are complete and readable, without actually having to perform a full restore.

Select Retry Backup if test fails to automatically restart the backup procedure if the integrity test finds errors. The backup will be restarted using the previously uploaded files and resend the damaged chunks only.

Select Allow Backups to complete with errors if you want the procedure to complete even if errors occur during the backup process. If this box is checked, the Backup will only fail if there is a long term disconnection (more than 2 hours), or if the Backup process is cancelled or paused.

Tip: You can also run a File Integrity Test as part of the Export procedure.
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