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About Advanced Backup Set Options

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Use Advanced Backup Set options to control file compression and block sizing, and to perform integrity testing.

To change Advanced Backup Set options, click New Backup Set/Modify Backup Set > Next > Advanced Backup Set options.

Option Description
File Compression Select Auto to compress data without encrypting the entire backup set. Backup will assess if it is worthwhile to compress each file in a backup set and will compress accordingly. For example, LogMeIn Backup might determine that a text based file should be compressed, but music or movie files should not.
Uniform Block Sizing Set Backup to use the same block size for all files in the Backup Set. This could result in wasted space per block (slack space).
Dynamic Block Sizing Set Backup to determine the most efficient possible block size. Block size will be unique for each file. Minimum size is 300KB; maximum is 65000KB (65MB).
Single Block Per File Each file in the Backup Set will be backed up as a single block (block size will be equal to file size).
Integrity Test This feature allows you to confirm if the backup process has been performed correctly.

See About File Integrity Testing for details.

Always create new version when any File Attribute has changed Create a new version of the Backup Set if the File Attribute of any file in the Set has changed, even when no data has otherwise been changed. File Attributes can be system, hidden, read-only, and archive.
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