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How to Create a Backup Set¤ Step 2: Settings

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Name the Set and define the Storage PC, Encryption settings, and Advanced settings.

  1. Name the Backup Set on the second page of the Back Up Files and Folders Wizard ("Choose settings for this Backup Set").
  2. Select the Storage PC.

    This will become the PC that stores the backup files.
  3. In the Versions section, decide how many versions of each backup set you want to keep.

    A new version is created each time you backup, but a file is only copied from Source PC to Storage PC if it is new or has been modified.

  4. To store files in an encrypted format on the Storage PC, check the Encrypt Backup Set box and enter and confirm the password to be used.

    If you forget this password, your backed up files will become unusable - the password cannot be retrieved for you.

  5. Click Advanced Backup Set options if you want to work with advanced options. See About Advanced Backup Set Options.
  6. Click Next.

    The third page of the Back Up Files and Folders Wizard is displayed ("Select the schedule for this Backup Set").
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