Ignition for Windows Release Notes

Ignition for Windows version 1.3.320

LogMeIn Common login service (CLS) support

  • The login window has a new look
  • Your LogMeIn ID (the email and password you use to log in to the Ignition app) is valid for LogMeIn.com, join.me and cubby.com

Host login credential saving option extended to Ignition for Windows

  • The LogMeIn Central feature Login credentials can be saved now functions with Ignition for Windows.
    • In LogMeIn Central, an account holder can grant users the privilege to save host login credentials when connecting to your hosts.
    • A LogMeIn Central account holder activates this feature on a user's Properties page by selecting Login credentials can be saved.

Device Management extended to Ignition for Windows

  • Ignition for Windows clients can be managed in LogMeIn Central using the Device Management feature (LogMeIn Central > Configuration > Devices)
    • View the list of users who used a device to access your hosts
    • Wipe the login credentials on a Windows Ignition client to prevent users to access your hosts

Windows 2000 is no longer supported

  • Ignition for Windows will no longer function on a Windows 2000 PC
Ignition for Windows version 1.2.260

New Feature

Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Ignition for Windows now supports hosts running Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.


Performance issues

There were a number of fixes that improved the performance of Ignition for Windows, related to mouse scrolling, connecting to hosts, and the stability of the application.

Login issue for accounts with non-Unicode characters

Login failed when you tried to log in to a LogMeIn profile that contained non-Unicode (Asian) characters either in the profile name or in the names of the host computers.
Ignition for Windows version 1.2.212

Fixes in Ignition for Windows

Saving incorrect user credentials

The following errors occurred when user credentials were saved:
  • Username and password were saved even if login was unsuccessful. For subsequent successful login attempts, user credentials were not saved.
  • Credentials were incorrectly saved to another host if the order of the hosts was changed on the Computers List and the user connected to a computer.

Domain name was not saved

The Domain name field was not filled in automatically if you connected to the Main Menu of a computer and started a remote control session from there.

Changing expired computer passwords

If the password of a computer on a domain expired while the user was logged in then it was not possible to change an expired password from Ignition. A user with admin rights had to log in to the physical computer and set a new password to the user. As of this release, Ignition displays a dialog for changing an expired password.

Logging out issue

It was not possible to log out of Ignition if the following occurred:
  1. The user logged out of a Remote Control session.
  2. The Remote Control window was closed and the log out confirmation window was still displayed.
  3. The user logged in again.
  4. The user tried to log out.

Startup option issues

In some cases, the following errors occurred if the Startup option was enabled:
  • Startup options were not selected if you searched for a computer on the Computer List and opened the Startup options again. The Startup options are available on the View > Options > General tab.
  • The Connect to field was cleared if you selected a profile with the keyboard.

Incorrect error message in Internet Explorer

An incorrect error message was displayed during log in if cookies were blocked in Internet Explorer. To unblock using cookies, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and use the slider to select how to handle cookies.

Scroll bar on the Computer List

In some cases, the scroll bar on the Computer List worked unexpectedly when you had more than 10 computers in a profile, or you used the mouse wheel to scroll.

Copyright changed

Copyright text has changed from 2010 to 2011.

Added computers not listed in selected order

A newly added computer was displayed as the first item of its group.

One-time security codes

In some cases, new one-time security codes were emailed to the user even when the user was still logged in to Ignition.

Memory management issue

Ignition used an excessive amount of memory if it was left running for a longer period of time.
Ignition for Windows version 1.2.164

New Feature

RSA SecurID protection

You can now log in to RSA SecurID-protected hosts.


Password field during reconnection

In case of a network error, the password field is now automatically filled in when Ignition tries to reconnect.

Localization improvements

Localization of the installer and the Ignition user interface has been improved.

Removed menu item

Computers may no longer have Updating status. This option is removed from the View > Show menu.


This release mostly included minor bug fixes to improve user experience including localization, memory management, and user interface issues.