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Is LogMeIn secure? What security information is available?

All LogMeIn products employ active defense security protocols that provide you with the highest available security in a remote access solution.

Layered Security Overview

Secure user accounts

Set up and access your LogMeIn account using your email address and a password that you choose.  Your account resides on our encrypted gateway and stores the link to the secure, SSL-encrypted connections established between our gateway and your host machines.  When accessing your account, the only information you see is a link to your host machines.

Windows authentication

To access a host machine, you must know its Windows username and password.  This information is stored within the host machine only; and therefore is accessible only by the administrator of that machine.  The LogMeIn Gateway does not know, and cannot discover, the Windows authentication for any of your host machines.

Two-Factor Authentication

LogMeIn's Two-Step Verification adds a second layer of protection to your account. Just like a cash machine that protects your money by requiring both a bank card and a PIN.  Without two-step verification, anyone who knows your password can access your data.

Account Lockout

If there are five failed attempts at accessing your LogMeIn Account (email address), then your account gets locked out, and an email sent to you informing you of the lockout.  The email also contains a link to remove the lockout from the account.

IP Address lockout

If there are five failed attempts to access your computer, then that IP address is blocked for 30 minutes.  This is configurable, so you can set both the number of attempts and the IP lockout time frame.  You can also refuse specific IP addresses, or create a friendly-IP list that allows access only from those IPs that you allow.


LogMeIn also integrates with RSA SecurID's industry-proven, two-factor authentication system.

One-time passwords

The option for one-time security codes (in either print or email form), provide an additional layer of security.  To keep remote access to your computer secure, you can choose to be prompted to enter a one-time security code each time you log in to the LogMeIn web site to access your Target computer.  These codes can come from a printed list, or you can opt to have one emailed to you each time you log in.  Each code can only be used once.  This option will help prevent unauthorized remote access to your computer should someone discover a used security code or your LogMeIn password.

Personal Passwords

Use a personal password to create an extra layer of security for a host computer. By choosing to require the use of a personal password, after entering the Windows Login credentials, the user must choose three requested characters of a predefined eight-character password.  For example, if your Personal Password is "password" and you are being asked for the 5th character, you will use the drop-down menu to select the letter "w".

SSL encryption

Once a connection is established, all traffic is encrypted with end-to-end 128- to 256-bit SSL encryption.  This is the same technology trusted by major banking institutions to allow secure online banking.

For more detailed information on the security architecture of LogMeIn, download our Security White Paper at:


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